Ski Learning Mats

 Ski School Learning Mats –help kids learn to take their first turns!

Ski mats can be staked outdoors in the snow so the kids can walk on them with their skis on and easily see how to place their skis when going down hill or turning or stopping. 

The Ski School Learning Mat also works great inside the ski school to introduce the little ones to parallel, pizza, french fry and other terms they’ll need when they head out on the hill. (Mats have Velcro on the back to hold them in place on carpeting.)


ski learning mats

Here’s some of the our basic types:

  • Side stepping up a hill
  • Sliding skis in a straight line
  • Walk like a duck up a hill
  • Downhill: Parallel – Pizza – Stop or Parallel – Pizza – Turn
  • Or….is there something you use at your ski school you’d like to see? Let us know.


  • Color: you can select the color of the body and trim
  • Size of Mats: 3 x 12, 3 x 15 feet or 4 x 20 feet
  • Mats made of mesh fabric and we print design on the fabric – same fabric used for tennis backstops and construction building wraps
  • Mesh enables some snow to push thru and also snow and water to easily drain out when rolling up the mat at the end of the day
  • Your logo on the mat
  • We can also customize to add your mascot and other images as needed
  • Grommets on all edges: mats come with 8 inch black plastic stakes to use to stake mat down in the snow
  • Velcro also on the edges to hold mat on carpet when used inside

Just like all of the Kinderlift products………the mats are made in Denver, Colorado.  Contact us at (303) 898-2242  for additional info on this new product.


We find young skiers have trouble walking up even the mildest of hills until they develop edging skills and coordination needed to do the duck walk or herringbone. They also lack the concepts of aligning skis with the direction of travel, across the hill and into a wedge (pizza). The Kinderlift Ski Learning Mats address all these needs with a walk-able surface, footprints for the ski and through playful illustration.

 J. Scott McGee, Snow King Mountain Sports School Director and former PSIA/AASI Nordic Team Coach